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Here in Morgantown, Dr. White offers a wide range of specialities to get you feeling like yourself again. We offer Vein Specializations, Body Sculpting, and Tattoo Removal. Services are done by a Medical Doctor and her professional team, who care about you and your confidence. Our team can take your body to the next level.

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What we do

Our Specialities

We offer treatments for varicose veins, unwanted body fat, and tattoo removal. Our doctors are trained professionals that give you the outcome you want. They work with your body goals and desired appearance to achieve the perfect result. 

Vein Center

Comprehensive vein treatment for varicose, spider, and reticular veins.


Body conturing to reduce stubborn fat without invasive surgery.

Clear Ink

Laser tattoo removal that treats the pigment that you want removed.

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Monday – Thursday

8am – 4pm