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Venous Skin Ulcers

A nagging leg sore may be a venous ulcer.

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Meet Dr. White
Dr. White is a native to WV and graduated
from the WVU School of Medicine in 1999.

Dr. White is a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician and a member of the American Board of Phlebology. Certified in endovenous laser ablation, VNUS closure radio-frequency ablation, phlebectomy, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and cosmetic sclerotherapy. She has performed over 8,000 vein procedures and over 3,000 endovenous ablation procedures.

Dr. White earned her medical degree from West Virginia University in 1999, and spent 11 years in the Emergency Department at Mon General Hospital. She served as MGH’s wound care specialist and also worked in hyperbaric medicine during this time. Dr. White also served as the Medical Director at the National Energy Technology Laboratory and Department of Energy.

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Our clinic can easily accept the customers with insurance cards and create the history of cases.

Use Of Innovative

Visualization of vein conditions under  the skin is possible with the Vein Viewer – augmented reality.  

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Each case will be thoroughly & professionally evaluated with a clear expectation of success. 

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Excellence in Vascular Surgery

We offer effective and minimally invasive treatment options to address your specific needs while creating a specific plan for you. Our services are performed safely in our office, by your Doctor and under local anesthesia avoiding hospital stays. In most cases you can return to normal activity the next day.

Dr. White’s Vein Center offers a complete package for varicose and spider vein treatments. Your consultation will determine if you are a candidate for our provided procedures.

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Effective & Minimally Invasive Treatment

Statistics show that nearly 65% of women and 30% of men will develop some form of venous disease during their lifetime due to insufficient blood circulation.

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Venous Disorder Can Lead to Serious Complications

Despite the common belief that people with vein problems have varicosities, most patients do not have visible signs of the disease. Symptoms include tiredness, aching pains, burning, heaviness, swelling, itching, cramps, restless leg syndrome and even leg ulcers.

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