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We offer a wide range of different treatments to help with stubborn veins, remove unwanted body fat, and also get rid of those regrettable tattoos. We offer a wide range of different treatments for vein health. We use SculpSure to redefine your body in just 25 minutes without surgery. Clear Ink aids in removing tattoos and providing comfort with a patented cooling system.

vein center

Vein Treatment

We treat all different types of vein problems whether it’s discomfort or apperance we can get you relief.  

varicose veins

spider veins

reticular veins


Body Contour

Redefine your shape with our available treatments.

increase collagen

sculpt the body

Clear ink

Tattoo Removal

Our laser is the only one on the market that can handle all tattoo colors. Its square beam distributes the laser’s energy equally on the area being treated.

remove unwanted tattoos

Free removal of radiation tattoos/markers

Fade your unwanted tattoo for better art.


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Monday – Thursday

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Monday – Thursday

8am – 4pm